Solar RGB Garden Light

Solar RGB Garden Light


  • 3 colour modes – each light is adjustable to cascade between red, blue and green or to remain a single colour, making it terrific for use in a decorative garden/fountain display.
  • Solar-powered – detachable solar panel charges a Li-ion battery, giving the light up to 7 days of power when fully charged. All the while saving you money and being environmentally friendly.
  • Waterproof – made using aluminium oxidation technology and with a waterproof connector, this light is suited to even the wettest weather conditions.
  • Auto on/off – built-in ray sensor detects when it is day or night time to activate and deactivate the light and to start charging mode.
  • Easy installation – the adjustable bracket makes it easy to attach to walkways or on the supplied pole. Easily move the light around the yard.
  • Includes a 6-month warranty.


Give your garden a new look by adding these stunning solar-powered lights to your yard. These lights create a stunning effect by cycling through a red, blue and green glow, giving your garden an almost magical feel. A stunning addition to a fountain display, the lights look amazing when reflected on water too.

The Taroma Solar RGB Garden Light has a smart on/off sensor that detects whether it is day or night time and activates accordingly. Made of aluminium and glass, the light and its fittings are all waterproof to withstand even the nastiest weather conditions.

Where to Buy:

Available at Afrishop