Solar Power Bank and Flashlight

Solar Power Bank and Flashlight


  • Large Battery Capacity – 26800mAh battery.
  • Wireless Charging – Supports wireless charging and eliminate the need to carry charger cables with you. Make sure your phone is compatible with wireless charging.
  • Adapter Charging – Can be charged fully in around 16 hours with 5V/2A adapter. It can charge the iphone7 up to 7 times and the Samsung Galaxy S10 up to 4.5 times. A fantastic choice when you need an emergency power source!
  • Solar Charging – It is recommended to use the solar charging feature as an emergency back-up solution. After a full day of charging in the sun, it fills up the average phone up to around a quarter of battery life.
  • Super Bright Led Emergency Flashlight – 18 LED light on the backside of the power bank provide great illumination (long-press the power button to turn the light on). The Flashlight also includes an SOS international distress signal. A great choice for camping, hiking and other outdoor activities.
  • Sturdy and Durable – The power bank is made of premium ABS fireproof materials and a lithium polymer battery. It is IP66 waterproof compliant and is dust proof, as well as shockproof.
  • Fast-Charging Capability – Equipped with micro and type C inputs, 3 outputs (3.1A) and wireless charging capability. 3.1 amp output charges your devices much faster than the standard 1 amp output.
  • Alluminum Alloy Heat Sink – Prevents the device from getting overly hot or heat-damaged.


The Taroma Solar Powerbank can charge the average cell phone around 7 times. It has 2 USB and one Type C outputs which allows for multiple devices to charge at the same time. The outputs are 3.1 amp which provides much faster charging than the standard 1 amp outputs.

The powerbank takes around 16 hours to recharge from the wall adapter. When using the solar charging we have tested that it can charge a cell phone about 25% from a full day in the sun. The solar option is more for emergency situations.

The powerbank also has a wireless charging pad built in which means that you do not need to carry charging cables with you. Make sure your phone battery is capable of wireless charging.

An absolute must for hiking journeys, camping trips or road trips! Keep your essentials charged and easily accessible with this great multi functional power bank/flashlight combo. Easily attach a lanyard to the top of the device for easy carry or leave it on the dashboard to self-charge using the rays of the sun to utilise the benefits of the built-in solar technology.

Perfect for South African load shedding, that always seems to pop around unexpectedly. The battery capacity is enough to charge the average cellular device multiple times and has multiple ports to allow for more than one device to be charged at a time.

Take into account the usefulness of having a flashlight on hand, and those dark nights suddenly become that little bit more bearable.

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