Taroma Robi Pro Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner & Mop

Taroma Robi Pro Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner & Mop


  • High Quality Smart Chip and Brushless Motor Imported from Japan.
  • App Controlled: The robot can be controlled via the App where you can see a map of the cleaning area and also set timers for the robot to start cleaning. You can also block out certain areas not be cleaned.
  • 360° laser radar: Scans the house creating a live map with functionality to set forbidden zones
  • 5000mah Lithium Ion Battery with LG chip imported from South Korea: Run time 150 minutes. When the battery runs low, the robot will return back to the base to recharge.
  • Vacuum and Mopping Feature: Easily switch the dustbin and the water tank.
  • 2 Different Suction Mouths: Interchangeable suction input to allow for a brushless option, specific for dealing with longer pet hair, and the normal rollerbrush.
  • Strong Suction (4000 PA) with Low Noise: Latest technology combines strong suction power with low noise output. Strongest suction on the market.
  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant: Visualization of Cleaning Process can be shown on mobile.
  • 13 Types and 42 Sets of Sensors: The robot won’t fall of stairs and it won’t crash into furniture, instead it will sense the furniture and start to intelligently clean around it.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Extremely low cleaning miss rate & high coverage rate. Intelligent to sense different environments and floor types.
  • Works on Different Floor Types: low/hard carpet within height of 1cm, hardwood, ceramic tiles for home, hotel room and office.
  • V-shaped Brush with Twining Proof Design: Prevents the brush from getting entangled by wires.
  • Smart Mopping: The electric water tank dispenses water in just the right amounts to avoid wet puddles on the floor. 3 levels of water outlet adjustment. When the robot is not moving, the water stops dispensing.


The Taroma Robi Pro comes with a best in industry upgraded 4000pa suction power and easily picks up dust, crumbs, dirt, and pet hair off floors and carpets.

This model is perfectly suited for home and office use and works terrifically on all types of tile, on carpets up to 1cm in thickness and wood floors (hard and laminated)!

There are three things that make this model far more superior compared to competing brands such as Xiaomi, Hobot Legee, Milex and the likes.

  1. 4000Pa suction vs 2300 Pa from the rest. This is almost double the suction power than the rest. New technology also ensures that there is low noise output coupled with the stronger suction power.
  2. 5000mah High quality Lithium Ion battery vs the standard 2600mah from the rest. Our robot can run for around 150 minutes and clean an area of 280 sqm on one charge. When the robot battery drops to 20%, it will return to its charging base and once finished charging, the robot will go back and resume cleaning where it left off.
  3. Superior APP control – With our model you can control your whole floor cleaning schedule. For example, you can tell the robot to only clean the kitchen at 8am Monday to Fridays. Clean the master bedroom at 2pm on Tuesdays and Fridays etc. You can also draw virtual walls on the map and tell the vacuum to only clean there but not elsewhere.

This slim cleaning module uses the latest sensor technology for detecting obstacles and avoiding falls, thereby protecting itself and your belongings. Being 12cm high, it is thin enough to glide underneath most beds and sofas with ease, cleaning dirty areas that you normally couldn’t reach manually and keeping your house neat and tidy.

The 360° laser radar scans the whole room, identifying obstacles and drawing a house map before cleaning even begins. More and more of the map is filled out and accuracy is increased the more the bot learns about its area. Easily section your house into various zones via the app and set no-go zones, preventing the bot from entering forbidden areas, and allowing you to fine-tune the cleaning schedule.

Fully equipped with more than 5 cleaning modes, includes Spot Cleaning, Edge Cleaning, Single Room Cleaning, Zone Cleaning and Scheduled Cleaning. Enjoy your time and leave this wireless vacuum to take care of your home!