Halcyon GPS Smart Watch

Halcyon GPS Smart Watch


  • Local Positioning – Watch uses GPS + LBS + AGPS + Wi-fi to determine real time positioning
  • GEO Fencing – Set up a geo-fence to receive an alert as to when your child leaves the safe area, minimum of 200m2
  • Remote Monitoring – Activate one-way listening on the watch to listen to your child’s surroundings
  • Magnetic Recharging – Includes magnetic charger
  • App Management – Track, set perimeters, manage phonebook and more with the app
  • Phone Call – Takes a nano SIM card, allowing the child to place calls
  • Voice Chat – Send voice notes between the watch and the app, similar to Whatsapp
  • SOS Call and Alert – In the event of emergency, child presses SOS button for 3 seconds. Three phone numbers will be called, twice each (unless call is answered). Alert will also be sent to app
  • Anti-Off Technology – Device can only be switched off remotely from the app, once the app has been linked 1.3 Inch Color Touch Screen – onboard camera accessible from watch, as well as other options
  • Water-resistant – IP67 compliant


In today’s South African climate, you can never be too careful with your children.

Our Taroma Kids GPS Halcyon Smart Watch lets you keep a close eye and ear on your little treasures, with its tracking and remote monitoring features.

With the ability to set up a geo-fence that alerts you to when your child leaves the safety of the predetermined area you have set, you can be sure that your little one is safe.

When compared to the Taroma Kids GPS Akimbo Smart Watch:

  • Halcyon has a less obvious camera.
  • Once linked to app, Halcyon can only be turned off remotely.
  • Halcyon allows for one-way listening.
  • Halcyon has no mini-games.
  • Halcyon has a 240×240 display resolution.

Covered by our 30-day money back guarantee and 6-month warranty.

Where to Buy:

Available at Afrishop